Work-Based Learning Activity Guides Directory

E&l Toolset Icons Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Learners listen to a presentation to hear about the speaker’s career, business or organization and industry with a Q&A.

E&l Toolset Icons Career Day

Career Day

Professionals from different industries share information about their company and job, and the education and skills that are required.

E&l Toolset Icons Mentoring

Career Mentoring

A learner is matched one-on-one with an adult professional to explore potential careers and related educational issues.

E&l Toolset Icons Tours

Workplace Tour

Learners visit a workplace, learn about the business, meet employees, ask questions and observe work in progress.

E&l Toolset Icon Informational Interview

Informational Interview

Learners formally interview an employer partner about his or her industry, educational and career path, and chosen profession.

E&l Toolset Icons Shadowing

Job Shadowing

A learner observes the workday of an employer partner, interacts with his or her clients or customers and attends his or her meetings and other appointments.

E&l Toolset Icon Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Learners are interviewed by an employer partner as if he/she were being interviewed by an employer for a paid internship or job.

E&l Toolset Icon Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge

Small groups of learners are engaged in solving a real-world problem or a challenge issued by an employer partner.

E&l Toolset Icon Internship


Learners are placed at a worksite to participate in and observe work first hand.

E&l Toolset Icon Work Experiences

Work Experience

Learners do real work for pay and are held to the same expectations as all employees.

E&l Toolset Icon Apprenticeship


Paid, on-the-job training in a skilled craft or trade and supplemented by related classroom instruction.